Healthy Cooking Starts with Greenpan

We invented it. And we did it better. We revolutionized home cooking in 2007 when we introduced Healthy Nonstick Ceramic Coated Cookware, the first and best PFAS-free nonstick alternative.

The healthiest way to cook

Free of PFAS, PFOA lead, and cadmium.

Award-winning Nonstick

5-star rated by you & America’s favourite magazines

Sustainability Built

We use solar power, in-house water filtration & more. Additionally, all our aluminum cookware vessels (excluding handles) are made from a minimum of 65% recycled aluminum.

Groundbreaking Technology

We’ve pioneered healthy nonstick cookware and now we are revolutionizing small electrics with healthy ceramic coatings.

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We are dedicated to future-oriented advancements that make cooking better for everyone.


Get ready to make everything healthy—these collections have all the tools you need to make something for everyone. Each one is a little different. They fit different cooking styles, solve different kitchen problems, and optimize your meals in different ways. Discover the right set for you.

Small Appliances

Add full power to your kitchen with these versatile and playful kitchen appliances. Many electrics have a specially designed healthy ceramic nonstick coating made for the demands of countertop cooking, and all these small appliances deliver effortless performance again and again:

Cook’s Tools

We have your whole kitchen covered. From storage solutions to unique kitchen tools to help you get more done in the kitchen. We’ve designed more ways for you to get the most out of your cookware.


Start baking better with our high-quality GreenPan ovenware collection and the colourful bakeware collection from our sister brand GreenLife. These ceramic nonstick pans deliver slide-out-of-the-pan results that will make your savory baked goods and sweet treats even better.

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